Monday, 28 October 2013

William Angliss: Classic French and Modern Gateaux & Tarts Part 1

So on the 19th of October I attended part 1 of my very first patisserie course - the classic French and Modern Gateaux and Tarts - at the William Angliss Institute. It was an eye opening and amazing experience.

I've never stepped into a commercial kitchen before so you could imagine my surprise when I walked into the class room, surrounded by metal benches, commercial ovens and blast freezers! It was just like I was in a kitchen at the back of a pastry shop! It was an exciting morning for me and I really enjoyed my time there.

In order to ensure that all of us are able to bring a somewhat presentable cake home, everything is measured for us because the measurements in french cooking has to be very precise. I learned a lot of things in the first class, some confirmed my previous practices but some corrected them. We learned the correct technique to fold, to mix (and not over mix), to use cake rings, to use the commercial ovens, to use the blast freezer, to glaze, to create amazing tasting and looking french gateaux! All sorts of exciting culinary experiences!

On our first day we split in to four groups of two to prepare the bases for each of our 4 cakes that we'll be learning in our 2-day course, namely the chocolate sponge, the hazelnut dacquoise, almond sponge and the coconut meringue. I was assigned to make the hazelnut dacquoise and it was surely challenging to pipe them into rings as we were told to be firm, but not overly firm because we'll end up breaking the mixture & the air in the piping bag!

We then moved on to creating our lemon mousse, raspberry insert (finally found out how to 'insert' those layers in between mousse cakes!!) and onto the funnest part - the assembly of our cake!

It was overall a really enjoyable experience and it surely brightened up my day and made waking up the next morning a lot easier!

Here are some photos from the class:

Lining the cake ring with a plastic sheet and the coconut dacquoise 

Citron: Almond sponge with lemon cream & swiss meringue

Photo with my final product!
Tropique: Raspberry & passionfruit insert in mango mousse on top of coconut dacquoise - with mango glaze surrounding by biscuit cuillere.

cross-section of the final product :) 

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