Thursday, 21 November 2013

Home re-creation: Mango mousse cake with passionfruit & raspberry insert

So the main cake for my brother's birthday was this mango mousse cake. It was surely a long process to prepare this cake. I made this over about 3 days because most of the elements of this cake required freezing and unfortunately I didn't have a blast freezer .. so I had to work like a commoner :p 

Passionfruit & raspberry insert

The first element was the fruit jelly insert. I made this first because I wasn't sure how long it would take for it to freeze completely. It was my first time working with puree and gelatine (outside of school) so it was quite nice. :) Very straight forward step - involving the warming up of the puree, and then melting the gelatine in the warmed up mixture. (Note: vegetarian might not eat this because of the gelatine)

Coconut dacquoise:

The 2nd element was the coconut meringue base. This was also quite straight forward to make (very easy in fact, if you've already made 2 batches of macarons beforehand). I may have undercooked my base a little as it was still quite soft but overall it was a good match with the other elements of the cake. 

Biscuit Cuillere

This is pretty much a very simple cake (could be used for tiramisu if left overnight) - to line the sides of the cake tin for visual effect & also to add more texture to the cake. 

Mango mousse:

This was the brand of the mango puree I got (along with the passion fruit and the raspberry ones). 

Warmed mango puree

Presentation of the cake:

Place the coconut dacquoise on the base & line the tin with biscuit cuillere

Pour half of the mousse in, press a slice of fruit jelly in the middle and cover the cake with the rest of the mousse mixture.

Freeze overnight. 

Garnish with fruits

Final product

3 distinct layers :) 

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