Monday, 18 November 2013

Home re-creation: Re-creating french gateaux & macarons at home

After attending the two short courses at William Angliss, I've been waiting for the right timing to re-create some of the cakes and macarons I've learned: one to show my family that their investment in me was worth it, another was to prove that I have gained something useful out of the courses.

I didn't have to wait long, it was my little brother's birthday recently and luckily for me, he actually liked two of the sweets I made in classes: lemon cheese macarons and Mango Mousse cake - so challenge accepted!!

I ran into quite a few obstacles in trying to create these at home and these were a few of them:

  1. Fruit puree: I needed some fruit puree for the mousse cake and I had no idea how to make them (or where to find them). I googled and did not get anywhere. In the end, I consulted my friend who bakes quite often and she told me I could get them in 1 kg tubs from Savour Chocolate School. It was quite a journey from my house but I'm glad I got them in the end :) 
  2. Cake rings: We learned how to make those cakes using cake rings at William Angliss, and I didn't have any at home so I had to shop around to find one. Initially I found one on eBay and ordered it but as time passed I still haven't received it in mail. So I had to think of ways to improvise. In the end, I decided to use the springform pans as a substitute (which turned out to be quite a good solution), but I also chanced upon some cake rings at Savour while I was buying the puree!!! Lucky!
  3. Freezer: We used the blast freezer a lot in William Angliss as we only had a very short period of time to create a few cakes. Most of the elements of the cakes required freezing (jelly, mousse, macarons) so it was crucial for me to find a stable & adequate freezing space. My mum stocks a lot of frozen meats/foods in the fridge so I had to tell her in advance how much space I needed. Luckily, not only did she manage to free one section up for me, most of the pans I decided to use also "JUST" fit the width of the freezer. 
  4. Time: I started preparing for my project a week before and I knew I had to plan it well in order to be able to get everything done in time for my brother's birthday, so I stayed up every night for a few days to get everything ready bit by bit. Time consuming! Now I understand why people are selling (and are willing to buy) desserts at $8/9 a pop! 
Ah.. so many obstacles.. made the experience even more challenging than it already was but also much more satisfying and fulfilling. 

These were the main problems I faced, and consequently solved. Stay tuned for my journey in recreating the macarons & mousse cake at home! 

Sneak peek!
Lemon Cheese Macarons

Mango Mousse Cake

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