Monday, 18 November 2013

William Angliss: Simply Macarons

After experiencing a really well organised and professional 2-day french gateaux course 2 weeks prior, I was very excited for my 1-day macaron course and I knew I was in for a very good day! And it was a very good day indeed!

We started off the day by watching a demonstration on how to mix the dry mix and meringue - no nonsense & right into business! It was very interesting! And we were also taught how to pipe macarons and I was pretty proud of my first batch of macarons!

This was made with Italian meringue (cooked sugar) - so the mixture was a bit more consistent and therefore reduced the chances of getting "nipples" on the top of the macarons. 

This is a double coloured shell - made using the Italian meringue as well. It was eye opening for me to learn how to pipe something like this! We first had to pipe each colour into 2 separate piping bags, and then we had to pipe both colours at the same time into a 3rd piping bag in order to achieve an even distribution of the colours in the bag.. amazing!

Due to the good consistency of the mixture, both batches of shells turned out great! Quite smooth :) 

These remaining 2 batches of shells were made with French macaron (no cooking of the sugar) and it was actually a lot harder for me to control the mixture - undermixed mixture may have caused the shells to remain that way (with feet too tall, and nipples remaining). 

Finished products! Chocolate macarons with chocolate ganache :) 

Creme Brulee macarons - This is probably the least favourite flavour of mine, it is a creme brulee jelly (with passionfruit puree). 

Pistachio shells 

Lemon shells

Lemon cheese macarons (mascarpone, cream cheese with lemo zest & juice)

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