Monday, 9 December 2013

Savour School: Petit Gateaux

My main interest in patiserrie is gateaux - playing and experimenting with layers, flavours and different textures & colours. The best part? Revealing the cross section after cutting the cakes, satisfying! 

The gateaux class at Savour was actually quite different from the William Angliss one - it was very hands on and we were shown different techniques. I think I've learned a lot more at Savour - but there were also times I appreciated my experience at William Angliss because I was able to build on what I learned there. 

Savour did seem to be better equipped - we had access to silpat mats, flexipats, robocoupe etc and it was a great experience to learn how to use those to create amazing gateaux.

Another highlight (though not the main purpose) of the class was probably making garnishes - candied fruit peels, chocolate curls and most excitingly, the ganache spray!! 

Praline Lemon Dome:
- Cocoa sponge, praline cream, lemon mousse, meringue, chocolate shards 

This was easily my favourite cake because I really like citrus-y desserts. The decorative meringue on the outside added further taste and texture to an already amazing cake. 

I've always wondered how the patisseries achieve the dome shaped cakes whilst having different layers inside - now I know! It is because of the wonderful flexipats! Those are so expensive but oh so good and handy in creating gateaux of different shapes and sizes! I'll definitely invest in these when I make pastries commercially in the future (:p).. one day, one day... 

Orange Chocolate Sapphire:
- Cocoa biscuit, milk chocolate citrus cream, Blood orange cremeux, chocolate glacage  

Highlight of my day! Watching the ganache spraying process - spraying warm ganache on frozen cold gateaux resulted in a velvety texture on the outer layer. 

Same cake but with a glaze instead of spray.

Passion Champagne:
- Olive oil sponge, passionfruit jelly insert, champagne mousse, Italian meringue

This wasn't my favourite cake because I didn't like the champagne infused mousse but I learned something new from making this cake - using olive oil instead of butter to make the sponge, that was interesting and it resulted in a really moist sponge. 

Overall, I loved my experience during this class and it definitely further ignited my interests in patisserie! Stay tuned for my post on the Continuing Education of Petit Gateaux! 

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