Friday, 7 February 2014

Savour School: Petit Gateaux Continuing education created by Paul Kennedy

This was easily one of my favourite classes at savour. It was a 2-day class and we were taught quite a range of different techniques. Although it is unlikely for me to practise these at home in the near future, I'm still glad that I attended these classes as it has certainly made me appreciate desserts more knowing the amount of effort, thought and time that goes into each slice of cake!

This was easily one of the most interesting part of the class - when our instructor transferred the bamboo print onto the top layer of the 'Bamboo' cake. Chocolate was spread over a really fine mesh with cocoa butter - and voila, intricate design on cake! 


A seemingly easy task required patience and precision - a small mistake (or impatience) resulted in ugly edges. Patience is a virtue! 

Loved the salted caramel centre! 


Passion & Envy:

Macaron in a cake! Genius! 

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